The Trustees of The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle sincerely thank our generous donors for their support.  The following individuals contributed to the 2018 Annual Campaign in support of need-based scholarships that help financially challenged students connected to Concord and Carlisle and our schools pursue post-secondary education.


The Abby Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Marjorie E. Cahn

Edith Lipinski and Raymond Considine

Nora Murphy and Ward Cheney

The Cahn Funds for Social Change, Inc.


The William W. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson

Ms. Mary Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Brown

Mr. Andrew Magee

Mr. and Mrs. John Woodward


The Concord Carlisle Authors' Scholarship Fund

Ms. Lucy V. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Woodman, Jr.


The Janet Babb Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dolly Borella and Christina Borrella

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hutchinson

Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Woodman I


The Bean Family Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hutchins

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Sur

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wayland

The Kay Chambers Scholarship Fund

Ms. Renee Covalucci


The Eleanor Winstanley Childs Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Winstanley


The Concord High School/Concord-Carlisle High School Alumni Scholarship Fund

Christopher Raker and Donna Arling


The Guido S. D'Asti Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pascucci


The Joan M. and Norman E. Dee Scholarship Fund

Ms. Joan Dee


The Charles W. and Nancy I. Dee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Dee, Jr.

Ms. Susan Dee

Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Mobley


The Elaine DiCicco Scholarship Fund

Ms. Renee Covalucci

Ms. Elaine A. DiCicco

Ms. Joan Kaufman

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kemp

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rodday


The Class of 1962 John F. Donovan Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson - in memory of Joe Regan

Ms. Katherine Batsis

Ms. Lorraine Cullinane - in memory of Pearl F. Cullinane (CCHS grad)

Ellen Emerson and Bruce Kohler

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Johnson

Woodman and Eaton, PC

Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Woodman, Jr.


The John B. Finigan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. James E. Finigan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Schnitzer

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wilson


The Wilson Flight Scholarship Fund

Mr. Aram Boomazian

Mr. and Mrs. John Caffrey

Ms. Renee Covalucci

Ms. Lee Flight

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Forsberg

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gluck

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Kargula

Nancy McJennett and Jack Nevison

Ms. Cynthia Tapply


The Bobby Gray Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. John Boynton, IV

Mr. and Mrs. John Murray

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Rodday

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Stone, III

Mr. Everett C. Thorpe

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Willard


The Video Revolution, Ralph and Ellie Grossi Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Benson, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Guerra


The Teresa (“Teri”) D. Hale Memorial Scholarship Fund

Anonymous - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. James Beaton

Bindiya Bhalla - in memory of Teri Hale

Eileen Brooks - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Connolly, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Crowley - in memory of Teri Hale

Ms. Diane Davis - in memory of Teresa Hale

Taryn Deck - in memory of Teresa D. Hale

Ms. Jessica Devine - in memory of Teri Hale

Janet and Charles Devor - in memory of a good friend (Teri Hale)

Enterprise Bank

Gannon Family Foundation - in memory of Teri Hale

Ms. Pamela Gibson - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Haines - in memory of Teri Hale

Haldeman Family Foundation - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. David Hale - in memory of Teri Hale

Ms. Linda Hanratty - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. Roger Hunt - in memory of Teresa DiPaola Hale

Mr. Norris Kadet - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. Joel Kahn - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Kaiser - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. Richard Katz - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Khuen - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kramer - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. Louis Levine - in memory of Teri Hale

Tracy Lyne - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. Thomas Manzo - in memory of Teri Hale

Maugel Architects, Inc. - in memory of Teresa D. Hale

Mr. and Mrs. David Meehan - in memory of Teri Hale

Ms. Lucy V. Miller - in memory of Teri Hale

Nashoba Brooks School of Concord, Inc. - in memory of Teri Hale

Nulsen Family Foundation, Inc. - inn memory of Teri Hale

Ms. Emily Old - in memory of Teri Hale on behalf of friends of Teri's daughter: Lucy and Emily Old, Blake Hamblett, Emily Cummings, Alix Heffron, Carolina Moccorrea, Lauren Fox, Emily Dann, Norris Kadet,and Lauren Maiorano - Thank you, Teri, for raising such an amazing daughter!

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Old III

Ms. Joellen O'Neil - in memory of Teri Hale

Pinnacle Construction Co., Inc. - in Memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua T. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. George Robb

Ms. Jennifer Ross - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sturges - in memory of Teri Hale

Ms. Anne Umphrey - from "Bootcamp buddies" in memory of Teri Hale

Valueact Capital - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. Clifford Webster - in memory of Teresa Hale

Ms. Elizabeth Whitmore - in memory of Teri Hale

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Winstanley - in memory of Teri Hale

Woodman and Eaton, PC - in memory of Teresa D. Hale


The Thomas Hart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Angney

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Congram

Ms. Renee Covalucci

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cratsley

Sam Joffe and Mary McCabe

Ms. Kate Lee-DuBon

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Loprete, III

Mr. Charles D. Roberts


The Christopher Hentchel WIQH Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Carmel - in honor of Dave Hentchel's birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Favreau - in honor of Dave Hentchel's birthday

Mr. Daniel Finn

Ms. Janine Fortini - in honor of Dave Hentchel's birthday

Janet Hentschel and Gregory Schmidt

Melody Orfei and David Hentchel

Ms. Nancy Ruggiero - in honor of Dave Hentchel's birthday

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tinglof


The Seitaro and Shina Ishihara Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Margaret A. Ishihara


The Vinod Jalan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Radha Jalan


The Diane Kenneally Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D'Arcy

Mrs. Janet M. Kenneally

Ms. Florence K. McKenna

Mr. and Mrs. James Whalen Jr.


The Sally Lanagan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Ferber

Mr. Michael R. Lanagan

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lanagan


The Norton A. Levy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson

Ms. Fay Thomas Bakhru

Mr. William D. Dunbar

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Fulman

Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Webb


The Anthony "Tony" Logalbo Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Hagos Tekle


The Charles E. Manion, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Loverud


The Adrian A. Martinez Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barry

Ms. Paula Casey

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chivvis - in honor of the UC Boys and Girls

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. William Dalley

Mr. David Ehrenthal

Mr. Chris Ellis-Ferrara

Steve Lane Friends of CCHS Track and Field

Ms. Nina V. Huber

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Lavely

Mr. and Mrs. John Lilygren Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Angel Martinez

Diane Nordin and Thomas Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Ratcliffe

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rich

Laura Snowdon and F. Alex Parra - in honor of students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS


The Elizabeth A. Mattison Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Mary D. Mattison


The Barbara Schips Miller Scholarship Fund


Mr. and Mrs. James Shea

Your Cause, LLC


The Arthur and Lee Milliken Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. Arthur N. Milliken


The Albert L. and June B. Powers Scholarship Fund

Joan Dalton - in memory of Burton S. Mosher

Ms. Harriet Fortier - in memory of June Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Haff

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Huber

Ms. Shirley Powers

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Spang

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Sturtz


The David Prifti Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Burt Adelman and Lydia Rogers

Ms. Renee Covalucci

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Corey L. Lofdahl

Nora Murphy and Ward Cheney


The Marguerite Purcell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Rebecca Purcell


The Nick Ressler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Wendy Hiller

Mr. and Mrs. David Honan

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Plodzik

Mrs. Charlotte C. Ressler

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ressler

Ms. Suzie Weaver

Ms. Alice Wellette


The Maura Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ballantine

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Carey

Ms. Renee Covalucci

John Martin and Judith DePontbriand

Ms. Karen Nerpouni

Mr. Charles D. Roberts

Ms. Fredda K. Sage

Mr. and Mrs. John Shipe


The Charles A. Robichaud Scholarship Fund

Ms. Jeanne D. Fitzgibbons

Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Gaeta - in honor of Al and Carol Robichaud

Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo and Co. LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Koontz - in memory of Patrick J. McLaughlin, Jr.

Ms. Kristina A. Leclaire - in memory of Paul E. Leclaire

Mr. and Mrs, Steven Pascucci

Mr. Al Robichaud - to honor and celebrate Carol Marie Robichaud

Dr. and Mrs Jeffrey M. Robichaud

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Robichaud


The Farnham W. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lowell Smith and Sally Sanford


The Maybeth F. Sonn Scholarship Fund

Edward Sonn and Sharon L. Forde

Jessica Walcott and Eugene Sonn - in honor of Ed Sonn and Sharon Foote


The Jiro and Tama Ishihara Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Margaret A. Ishihara

Ms. D. Gail Kearns

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Piper

Ms. Cynthia D. Schweppe


The Mark Teverovsky Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Michael I. Payne

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Teverovsky


The Jeanne A. Toombs Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Nancy T. Beach

Ms. Emily Hossfeld

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Hossfeld - in honor of Emily, Kim, and Chris

Diane Nordin and Thomas Keller


The Doug White Memorial Scholarship Fund

James Chu and David Moreau

Doug White Memorial Sports and Recreation Fund

Ms. A. Evelyn Finneran

Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Sundquist


The Joyce T. Woodman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hutchinson


The Tameji and Chiyo Yoshimura Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Margaret A. Ishihara

General Contributions

Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Abrams

Elissa Abruzzo and Robert Coughlin

Mr. and Mrs. William Ackles

Acton Toyota Scion of Littleton

Elizabeth Adams and Scott Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Thatcher M. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Adams

Welles Hatch, Adrian Loring Advisors LLC

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Aldous

Kathleen Allen and Richard Fahlander

AmazonSmile Foundation

American Dental Partners - in memory of Joseph Regan

Mr. George S. Ames

Mr. Bryan Analuisa - in honor of Donald N. Brightman

Ms. Kirsten Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Anderson

Ms. Joanne Angier


Anonymous - in honor of Ian Smith

Anonymous - in honor of Robert Macauley

Anonymous - in honor of Belinda Donohue

Anonymous - in honor of Michael Mastrullo

Mr. and Mrs. Reed Anthony

Mrs. Josephine Arena

Mr. and Mrs. William J. Armocida

Mr. David Armstrong

Mr. Richard Aronovitz - in memory of Jane Aronovitz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bagley III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Baldwin

Mrs. Linda J. Ball

Ms. Judy Bangs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Barbarisi, Jr.

Ms. Anita B. Barker

Mr. Charles W. Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Barlow

Ms. Sibylle J. Barlow

Ms. Jacqueline S. Barnard

Laurie Cadigan Barrett Sotheby's International Realty

Jane E. Barrett and David Westcott

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Barton

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Battista

Mr. and Mrs. John Battle

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beakley

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Beakley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bean

Ms. Audrey Beasley - in honor of Sarah Reichheld

Karen Bechtel and William B. Perkins

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Beck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Beede

Mr. and Mrs. Reinier Beeuwkes

Karen Belinky and Les Charm

Ms. Eleanor Bemis

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

Ms. Suzanne S. Benkley

Mrs. Ruthy Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Benoit

Silvia Benson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bentinck-Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James Bentley

Mr. and Mrs. Raynard D. Benvenuti

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Berichon

Mr. Ronald Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bernardin

Ms. Janet Beyer

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beyer

Mr. and Mrs. John Bigay

Mr. James Bing

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Birkett

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blau

Mr. Timothy Blodgett

Mr. and Mrs. Howard V. Bloom

Blue Hills Bank Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Blue

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blum

Donald Bolinger and Susan Norman

Jamie Bond - in honor of Ava Bond Smith

Ms. Nancy B. Bond - in memory of Socrates Lagios and Eleanor Hoogheem Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bono

Mr. and Mrs. Courtland Booth

Mrs. Sigrid C. Bott

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Boucher

Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Bowen

Ellen Boyce and John Moss

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Boylan

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Boyle

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Boynton

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bradanese, II

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. John Branigan

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Delsener

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brennan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Briggs, Jr.

Brigitte Senkler and Associates, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Brock

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Brockway, Jr. - in honor of Gordon W. Brockway, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. David G. Brooks - in honor of Dr. Nora Murphy

Ms. Hester Brooks

Ms. Fiorella Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brown

Nathan Brown and Nancy Cowan

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brown - in honor of W. Randall Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Browne

Eleanor Brox

Ms. Sara Brydges

Ms. Patricia E. Buchanan

Drs. Irwin and Linda Buchwald

Manny Bunao

Bettina Burbank and Paul Kirshen

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burke

Mrs. Katherine L. Burrowes

Mr. and Mrs. John Burt - in honor of Alex Burt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burt Jr.

Ms. Anne T. Buttrick

Mr. and Mrs. David Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. John Canally, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Cancio

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin A. Cannon

Nelly Carbonell and Herbert Neuman - in memory of Dr. Dina M. Carbonell

Ms. Charlotte A. Cardullo - in memory of Sheldon Sarnevitz (CCHS Math Dept.)

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Carmichael

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Carr

Ms. Kathleen Carroll - in memory of Joseph C. Regan (CCHS Science Dept.)

Mr. and Mrs. James Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Carter

Mr. Vernon Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Case - in honor of Isabel Dhar

Ms. Joan Cassidy - in honor of Ian Smith

Ms. Assunta Castrichini

Ms. Patricia Caulfield - in honor of Caitlin McCarthy

CC Football 50/50 Raffle

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Chadwick

Ms Jane Chapman

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Chappie

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Chaput

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cheever

Huawei Chen and Jianhong Zhao

Elaine Chin and Steven Soares

Ms. Jane Chin

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Churchill, Jr.

Maria Cincotta

Ms. Deborah P. Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Clarke

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Clemens

Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Clough, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Clutter

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Clymer

Mr.and Mrs. Beau Coash

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Coffin

Ms. Sibyl Cohane

Mr. and Mrs. Joel K. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Colbert

Ms. Judith M. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Cole

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Coletti

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Colman

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Colony

Mr. Bernd Comjean

Committee to Elect Daniel Conti

Concord Bookshop - Giftwrap

Concord Children's Center

Concord Firefighters' Relief Association

The Concord Lions Club

Concord Police Relief Association

Concord Printing

Concord Rotary Charitable Endowment, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James Connelly

Peter Connolly

Ms. Janet Connors

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Conrad

Ms. Nancy Conway

Marianne Cook and Matthew Ranson

Paul Cooke and Ruth Delfiner

Mr.and Mrs. Rick Copland

Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Copp

Ms. Paula Corbett

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cordeau

Ms. Carolyn Corliss

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Corliss

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cornell

Christine Cournoyer and James Bryant

Hugh Courtney and Pamela Loprest

Ms. Mary Couvillon

Mr. Robert C. Cowen

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cox

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Coyne

Ms. Faye Cramer - in honor of Caleb Cramer

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cratsley - in memory of Tom Curtin, CCHS Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Nancy R. Cronin

Brian Crounse and Madeline Pooler

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Crowell

Mrs. Nancy M. Crowley

Ms. Barbara Culkins

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Cullington

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cupp

Mr. and Mrs. David Curran

Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Curry

Dr. Susan Curtin

Ms. Mary Daigle

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Dale

Ms. Mary D'Alleva

Mr. John Dalton

Dr. and Mrs. Paul D'Ambrosio

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Dapice

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. D'Arbeloff

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Darling

Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, III

Ms. Lisa Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Davis

Wayne Davis and Louise Hara - in honor of Wayne Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo De Benedictis

Mr. Todd De Binder

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Decker - in honor of Amos Decker

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Deedy

Mr. Foster DeGiacomo - in honor of the CCHS Swim Team

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Deitch

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel del Sobral II

Ms. Julia del Sobral II

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Delise

Mr. and Mrs. Craig della Penna

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Demba

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry DeRoche

Mr. and Ms. Philip DeSantis - in honor of Caterina D'Ambrosio

Jessica Desnoyer and Adam Sharkawy

Jeanne DeTemple and Rick Shoup

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Detweiler

Mr. and Mrs. Naresh Dhar

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Dibble

Mr. and Mrs. Robert DiBiase

Ms. Dorothy DiCicco

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Diercks

Mr. James DiNardo

Ms. Josephine DiNardo-Halper - in honor of the DiNardo children

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DiPerna

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DiRomualdo

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Doherty

Mr. Garrett Doherty

Mr. and Mrs. George Doherty

Ms. Patti Doherty

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Donnelly

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Doolittle

Dr. and Mrs. Kieran Dowd

Mr. Philip Drew

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Drissel

Yuriy Dudko and Eugenia Chudinova - in memory of Vera Choudinova

Mr. Andrew and Dr. Jessica Dudley

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dulong

Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Dumka

Ms. Lucinda Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Durlacher

Kathleen Dwyer and David J. Holdorf

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dwyer

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Easterday

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Easton

David Eaton and Jennifer Scully-Eaton - in honor of David Eaton

Mr. John Eck Jr.

Karen Economopoulos and Stephen Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Murray Edelberg

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Edelman

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Edmondson

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Edson

Sally Elliott and William Moran

Kathleen Ellison and Dave Guarnaccia

Mary and Jonathan Ells - in honor of Henry Johnstone

Frank Feeley and Susan Ellsworth

Ms. Ashleigh Emerick

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Emmons

Ms. Laurie Engdahl

Engel and Völkers

Mr. and Mrs. Paul English

Mrs. Claire D. Enright

Ms. Judith Epstein-Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ernst

Ms. Katherine Esty

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Remy Evard


Ms. Eileen Faggiano

Ms. Karen Fairbrother

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Favorito

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Feeney

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fell

Mary Fenoglio and Warren Covert, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Gregor N. Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. James Ferraioli

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ferraioli Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Ferris

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Feshbach-Meriney

Robert Fidler and Joan Beauchamp

Mr. Jozef Figwer - in memory of Magda

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fine

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fineberg

Mr. and Mrs. William Fink

Mr. Charles First

Mr. David First

Ms. Judy First

Barbara Fisher and David Broadwin

Fiona Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Fitzgerald

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fivek

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Fivek

Ms. Lee Flight - in memory of Mary R. Beardsley

Ms. Carolyn Flood

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flory

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fohl

Fondriest Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Fabian J. Fondriest

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Fortier

Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fossett

Laurie Foster and Edward Goggin

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Franck

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Franck

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Franck - in honor of Lottie Franck

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Franco

Mr. and Mrs. Philippe Frangules

John Frankiewicz and Yvonne Arpiarian

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Franko

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart T. Freeland

Geoffrey Freeman and Marjorie Findlay

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frenkil

Ms. Susan H. Frey

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Friedman

Mr. William Fry - in memory of Peggy Fry

Ms. Eileen Furth

Mr. and Mrs. Julio Gagne

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Galford

Mr. and Mrs. T. Gleason Gallagher

Mr. and Mrs. Joshua I. Galper

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gambino

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gardella

Garden Club of Concord

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Garrison

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Garvey

Sarah Gates and Frank Feist

Mr. and Mrs. William Gerstmyer

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Geyer

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus F. Gibson

Dr. Mary Gilpatrick and Dr. F. Russell Wolf

Ms. Laurel Ginder

Ilene Gipson and Henry Keutmann

Mr. and Mrs. John Giragos Jr.

Nancy Gitto-Panagiotes and Steven Panagiotes

Ellen Glendon and Daniel Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Glitzenstein

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Goldsmith

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Goldstein

Mr. Charles B. Gordy

Mary Gore

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gorewitz

Mr. and Mrs. David Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Grace

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Graham

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Granahan

Rosemary Grande and Alphonse Antonitis

Eric Green and Carmin Reiss

Mr. Jeffrey Green - in gratitude for the teaching of Mrs. Mary Roby and Mrs. Mary O'Connor

Mr. John Green

Michael Grove and James Steele

Mr. and Mrs. William Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Gudmand

The Guiney Family

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gund

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Gustafson

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Guth

Ms. Beverly F. Guyer

Mr. William Hackett

Bruce Haddad - in honor of Philip Haddad

Ms. Cynthia Haddad

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Haddad

Dr. and Mrs. Terry P. Hadley

Mr. and Mrs. Cary P. Hagan

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hagelstein

Mrs. Susan M. Halby

Ms. Louise Haldeman - honoring Elaine DiCicco in memory of Wilson Flight

Mr. and Mrs. David Halloran

Ms. Phebe D. Ham

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hamilton

Ms. Susan Hamilton

Carolyn Hardy and Steven Haney

Ms. Mary Hanlon

Mr. Dana Hannaford

Ms. Elizabeth Haraden - in honor of the Gordy girls at CCHS

Linda Hardiman and Kenneth Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hargraves

Harold F. Nichols Ins. Agency, Inc.

Ms. Magdalena Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. William Harrington

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hart

Mrs. Susan L. Hart - in memory of Joe Regan

Patricia Hartigan and Bennet Ih

Dr. and Mrs. Ziaui Hasan

Mr. and Mrs. Welles Hatch

Anne Hayden and Ivan Burns

Katherine and Michelle Hays

Christine Healey and Charles Poutasse

Health Advances

Mr. James Healy - in honor of Caitlan McCarthy

The Doctors William and Angela Healy

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hellman

Dr. Nancy Hendrie

Philip Herman and Jane Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Herndon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Herold

Ms. Shelley Herold

Therese Hetzel-Conti and Daniel Conti

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hibben

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hickman

Ms. Lynn Hidek

Ms. Katherine Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hill

Ms. Sarah Hindle

Irwin Hipsman and Marybeth Barker

Cal Hitzrot  and Karen Ford

Ms. Heather Ho - in honor of Molly Dunk

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hoagland

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hollywood

Ms. Annie Fay Holt

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horne

Jane Hotchkiss and Wallace Johnston

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Howard

Ms. Barbara B. Howe

Ms. Faith Howland

Robert Hoyt and Mary King

Frank Hsieh and Michelle Wiggins

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hubbard-Nelson

Ms. Georgea Hudner

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hunt

Mr. Gerald Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. Fazal B. Huseni

Mr. and Mrs. William I. Huyett

Ms. Alice Iacuessa - in memory of Paul Pitcher

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Inferrera

Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Innamorati

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ishii

Mr. and Mrs. Yutaka Ishizaka

Mr. David Ives

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jachinowski

Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacobs - in honor of Jennifer Jantzen

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Jacobs - in memory of Rita J. Wysk

Dan and Clive Jacques

Mr. Edward D. Jaferian

Mr. and Mrs. John James

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jantzen - in honor of Jenny Jantzen

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jantzen

Mr. and Mrs. James Jasinski

Nancy Jaysane and James Darr

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jeans

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jelin

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jenney

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Jennings

Richard Jensen and Farzana Khatri

Constance Johnson and Martin Rindlisbacher

Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Jr.

Ms. Janet C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Johnson

Matthew Johnson and Margot Kimball

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Johnstone

Mr. and Mrs. Ralf Jonczyk

Mr. Chad Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. James Jones

Nancy Jones

Sharon Jones and Mark Weiler

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Joyce

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Joyce

Ms. Gillian Kaeyer

Ms. Delores Kager

Mr. and Mrs. C. William Kaiser

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kane

Mr. and Mrs. David Karr

Cynthia Katz and Daniel Stapleton - in honor of Dylan Katz and in memory of David Prifti

Sophia Kazanis and Marc Wefers

Ms. Gail K. Keane

Ms. Sara Keddy

Ms. Dorothy Kehoe

Ms. Nancy Kellogg

Ms. Mary Alice Kelly

Mr. Thomas W. Kendall

Mr. David Kennedy - in honor of the Meyer Family

Mr. James Kennedy - in honor of Cooper Meyer

Patricia Kent and John Ahern

Mr. and Mrs. W. Carl Kester

Shafali and Sunil Khandelwal

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Kidder

Mr. Ralph Kilfoyle

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Killian

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. King

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Kingman

Ms. Christiana Kirkland

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Kirkpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Kirkwood

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kleiman

Mr. Daniel Klein

Ms.. Phyllis Klein - in honor of Julia Branigan, CCHS '19

Mr. and Mrs. Rueben Klickstein

Ms. Sarah Kline

Inge Knudson and Robert Comer

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Koenig

Mr. and Mrs. William Koenigsberg

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kohl

Mr. and Mrs. David Kolstad

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kontrovitz

Ms. Hilarie Koplow-McAdams

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Koski

Mr. Robert Krueger - in memory of Mary J. Krueger

Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Kudirka

David Kulik and Deena Scaperotta

Libby Kurten and Viktor Vejins

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kussin

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Kwon

Dr. and Mrs. David Lamensdorf

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lamont, II

Mr. and Mrs. Russel Lamoreaux

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Landers

Ms. Virginia Lang - in memory of John Alden Lang

Caroline and John Langan Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Langan

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. LaRocca

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Larson

Ann Laschever

Sara Laschever and Tim Riley

Johan Laurent and Krista Huybrechts

Ms. Sarah W. Lawrence

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawson

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lear

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ledoux

Joan Ledoux

Ms. Mary Ann Lee

Linda Lee-Dynes and Scott Dynes

Margaret Leeson and Thomas Gramaglia

Mr. Jeffrey Lefebvre

Melissa Leffler and Robert Rainis

Ms. Joanne M. Lehman

Mr. Adrian Leone

Mr. Jerome B. Lerman

Robert Levers and Peggy Levitt

Paul Levine and Carolyn Gold

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Lewis

Frances Lewitter and Jonathan Sutton

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lieb

Ms. Judith Lieberman

Mr. Elliot Lilien

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lilly

Mr. and Mrs. Poh Lim

Ms. Kim Lishansky

Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Little

Ms. Sarah Little

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Litwack - in memory of Tom Hart

Mr and Mrs.. Donald Lonnberg

Sally Lopez and Sten Lofgren

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Loutrel

Mr. Paul G. Lowney

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Loynd

Lindsay Ludwig and Brian McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lynch

Shirley Lynch and George Scarlett

Susan Lynch and James Richardson

Ms. Yvonne MacCormack

Bonnie MacDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. MacHaffie

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent MacNutt

Ms. Colleen M. MacPhee

Ms. Geraldine R. Madigan - in memory of David Prifti

Jsmes MacAuliffe and Jean Maestre

Mr. Gregory Maguire

Susan Mahan and Steven Kirincich

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Maley

Dorene Maniccia and Joseph Ceterski

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Manning

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Manning - in honor of Marc Marano, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Colin E. Mara

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mardis

Luis Marentes and Negar Taradji

Mr. and Mrs. Heath Marlow

Mr. and Mrs. David H.M. Matheson

Ms. Louisa H. Mattson

Deborah Mayerson and George Hart

Domenic Mazzola and Mary O'Toole

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mazzola

Betsy McCarthy

John McCarthy Charitable Gift Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Sean McCarthy - in honor of Caitlin McCarthy, '19

Mr. and Mrs. James McCloy

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. McClure

Ms. Marylou McColl

Mr. and Mrs. Scott McCutcheon

Kathleen McDonough and Scott Batchelder

Anne McGarry and Douglas Bacon

Mr. Michael McGrath - in memory of Anne Root McGrath

Ms. Justine McHale

Mr. and Mrs. David McIntosh

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McIntyre

Mr. and Mrs. David McKenna

Mr. and Mrs. Cameron McKennitt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McKinlay

McWalter-Volunteer Ins. Agency, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mee

Inna Megretskaia and Alexandre Megretski

Ms. Barbara Melanson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mendelsohn

Gayle Merling and James Shields

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Messina

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Meyer - in honor of Ben, Cooper, Griffin, and Christian Meyer

Prill and Jan Meyer

Sandra and Matthew Meyerson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Micarelli

Ronald Micheels and Ann. Bartholomew

Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Miller

Dr. Edgar S. Miller

Ms. Janet C. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. N. Carlile Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller

Mr. Arthur N. Milliken

Laura Mills and Thomas Sablak

Dr. Helen Minton

Ms. Susan Mlodozeniec and Edward Feather

Amal Moamar and Robert Ferstenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Modeen

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morahan

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Moran, Jr.

Ms. Tanya Moran

Mrs. C. Erica Morrison

Ms. Jane Mosher - in honor of Travis Minor

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Mostello

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Mueller

Mr. and Mrs. Josef Mueller

Susan Muncie

Kerry Munro and John Graham

Mr. Alfred Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Murphy

Ms. Janet R. Murphy

Musical Theater Families - in honor of Elaine Jarvis' Musical Theater Program

Linda Myers-Tierney and Steven Tierney

Mr. and Mrs. Mamta Naidu - in honor of Madhavi Kumthekar

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Najarian

Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Nanda

Jane Neill and Gregory Curfman

Ms. Elizabeth Neilson

Ms. Judith R. Neilson

Marshall and Elizabeth Neilson Family Fund

Kristin Nelson and Gary Kleiman

Ms. Suzie Nemec

Anna Nerenberg and Marc Bernstein

New England Deaconess Association

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Nichol

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nichols

Ms. Katherine Nichols

Daniel Niemann and Sorrel Sammons

Elizabeth Nigh and Richard Dolmetsch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nolet - in memory of Wilson Flight

Mr. and Mrs. David Norton

Kathleen O'Hara and Malcolm Walsh

Mr. Frank A. Okurowski

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Oleson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olney

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Olsen

Susan Oman and Michael Decker

Ms. Joellen O'Neil - in memory of Tom Curtin

Mr. and Mrs. Sean B. O'Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Osofsky

Leah Osterman and David King

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Ostrom

Mr. and Mrs. David Owen

Mr. and Mrs. Whitfield Painter, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. F. Robert Parker

Mr. George Parker III

Sheila Partridge and Denis Grehan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Pasley

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Paushter

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pautler

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pavlik

Ms. Suzanne Pelton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Penfield

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Peppercorn

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peppercorn - in honor of Elizabeth Peppercorn

Ned Perry and Cynthia Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Perry

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pettengill

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Phillips

Mr. Arthur Pickering - in honor of Marin Gerstmyer and in memory of Audrey Pickering

Ms. Yvette Pietrangelo

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pine

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Piper

Ms. Margaret M. Piz - in memory of Tracey Flynn

Paula Posnick and Fred Wersan

Mr. Jeffrey Potter

Ms. Elizabeth Pounders

John Powley and Sarah Sharpe

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey G. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Prior

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Pulis

Mr. Santo J. Pullara

Ms. Jean Purser

Ms. Ellen S. Quackenbush

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Quanrud

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Quayle

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Quinlan

Mr. and Mrs. John Quinn

Ms. Judith Raiff

Dr. Jesus J. Ramos

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rand

Mr. Edwin Rasmussen - in memory of Dimite Rasmussen

Mr. and Mrs. James Rayson

Ms. Charlotte B. Read

Mr. William F. Read

Hinako Regier and George Kalhorn - in honor of Lillian Keefe

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Reichle

Mr. and Mrs. Eric V. Rencs

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Rennert

Suzanne Revy and Michael Giniger - in memory of David Prifti

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Rice, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. Jon S. Richardson

Ms. Patricia Rick

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ridick

Mr. Gerard Riedel

April Robb and David Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Robb

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Robbins

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon K. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Robichaud

Ms. Hilary Robinson

Mr. Richard Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Robinson

Ruth Rohde and Sigmund Roos

Julie Rohwein and Jonathan Aibel

Ms. Margaret Rollins

Mr. and Mrs. D. Morgan Rood

David Ropeik and Toby Smith Ropeik

Joan Rosazza and Claire Wilcox

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rosborough - in honor of Lucy Carlborg Rosborough

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Rosse

Holly Rothermel and Michael Dettelbach

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rothermel

Mr. and Mrs. William Royal

Mr. Thomas Ruggles

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Ryan

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. William Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Saak

Mr. and Mrs. John Sabatino

William K. Sabine and Melita Teichert

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Saccio - in honor of Carmen, Rosa, Gabriela, and Marcos Braceras

Dr. and Mrs. Vinod K. Sahney

Mr. Charles Sample

Dr. and Ms. John Sampson - in honor of Haley McMorrow

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sandel - in honor of Megan, Rowen, Kate, and Brendan Sandel

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sandwen

Diane Santoro and Neil Henry

Sara Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sarason Jr.

Patricia Satterthwaite and John Muresianu

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Satterthwaite

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Savory

Mr. and Mrs. DuWayne Sayles

Mr. Steve Schaumberger - in memory of Rhoda Sapiers

Ms. Sandra Schelzi

Penny Schindler and R. Wade Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Schloss

Christina Scherer and Brian Burt

Mr. Richard W. Schriefer

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schubert

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Schuhmacher

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schumacher

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Schwartz

The Schwartz/Waldman Family

Natalie Sciacca and Curtis Gekle

Ms. Sandra Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Seale

Karin Segal and Paul Sanders - in honor of Kevin Pennucci and Elaine Picard

Ms. Eileen Sellew

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sellew

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Sepucha, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Serr

Mr. Frederick Seward

Mr. and Mrs. Gaurang K. Shah

Ms. Hansa V. Shah

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shane

Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon H. Shaw

Diedre Sheedy and Leonard Haley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Shohet

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sifferlen

Diane Sills and Emily Williams

Jennifer Silva and Ahrum Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Sim - in honor of Sofia Sim

Mr. Robert Sim - in honor of Sofia Sim

Ms. Victoria Simarano

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Simon

Bipin and Sushila Singh

Pamela Slatcher and Bradley Moran - in honor of the Class of 2019

Ms. Elizabeth C. Sluder

Ms. Beatrice Smith - in honor of Renee LeDoux

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Smith

Ms. Darien N. Smith

Ms. Gail Smith

Ms. Mary Smith

Ross Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Travis Snell

Dr. Victor Soria - in memory of Adrienne Blair Garrido

Sorrento's Restaurant

Ms. Lorraine H. Sousa

Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Spence

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spooner

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Stevenson

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A.G. Stevenson

Fiona Stevenson and Roger Feinstein - in honor of Mr. Gauthier

Katharine Stout and Elmer Funkhouser

The Straggas Family

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Street

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stuart

Terri Stuler and Steven Buschman

Ms. Pamela S. Sturgis

Leli Sudler and Walter Littell

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Svrcek

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Swain

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Sweeney

Mr. and Mrs. Parker Symmes

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Symons

Catherine Tager and Scott Bratton

Pamela Talbot and Larry Masland

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Tambor

Mr. and Mrs. William Tao

Ms. Florence Tate - in honor of Maiya Bowen

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Taubes

Christopher Taylor and Jennifer Morris

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Tedeschi

Mr.and Mrs. Ronald A. Ten-Hove

Lesley Koplow and Timothy Terpstra

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Terra

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Terry, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Theoharidis - in memory of Andrew First

Mr. Richard Thornton

Ms. Brigitte M. Thun

Mr. and Mrs. Kimball Thurston

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Tibbetts

Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tisdale

Erika Toomey and Steven Torres

Ms. Jane Torpie - in memory of Edward Hutchinson

Ms. Lois Torres

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Torres

Town of Concord Finance Department

Kimberly Tresch and James Fiorenza - in honor of Elaine Jarvis' Musical Theater Program

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Tull - in honor of Ben and Sam Tull

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Umina

James Vahey and Joan Eagan

Drs. Henry and Janet Vaillant

Ms. Elizabeth Valentine

Ms. Noelle E. Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. J. Seth Van der Swaagh

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Van Orden

Ms. Dorit Vanderwilden

Mr. and Ms. Ralph J. Verrilli

Linda Vice-Hisey and Richard Hisey

Ms. Frona Vicksell

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Vienneau

Mr. Gary L. Vilchick

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vitkevich, Jr.

Anna Vouros and Curtis Lefebvre - in honor of John Kearney

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vouros

Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wallace - in honor of Renee Ledoux

Regina Walsh Troast and Jack Troast

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Walton

Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Wang

Mr. Gerard G. Ward - in memory of Lorraine Ward

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ward Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Wargelin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Wasserman

Ms. Karen Root Watkins

Fred W. Watriss, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret Watts

Debra Wauhkonen and Samuel Nagler

Ms. Nina Weber - in honor of Ethan Redmond (CCHS 2019)

Mr. Hugh Wedge

Ms. Alice Welch

Jane Wells and Thomas Sadtler

Richard Wells and Kathleen Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Wengrovitz

West Concord 5 and 10 to $1 Store, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan White

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher White

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory White

Mr. and Mrs. Robert White

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Whitehead

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Whitfield

Jeffrey Wieand and Janet Silver

Ms. Alice B. Wiggin

Ms. Bonny Wilbur

Ms. Sara Wilbur - in memory of Tom Curtin

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilder

Mrs. Wilma K. Wilensky

Hon. and Mrs. Herbert P. Wilkins

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Willie - in memory of Wilson Flight

Anna Willis and Steven Collier

Ms. Anne Wilson

Charles Wilson and Lydia Gregoret

Ms. Elizabeth H. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Carter Winstanley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wood

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Woodland, Jr.

Mrs. Ethel B. Woodman

Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Woodward

Mr. and Mrs. T. Alexander Wyeth

Carol Yerby and Kris Yerby - in memory of Dave Prifti

Amelia Young and Walter Kehoe

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Young

Your Cause, LLC

Ms. Elizabeth B. Zahalka

Aradine Zards

Ms. Mary Zettell

Yi Zheng and Yanhe Fan

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Zimmerman

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Zimny

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Zimny - in honor of Leah Jonczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zinck

Ms. Jane Zupan