The Scholarship Fund of Concord and Carlisle is committed to strong financial management, governance and controls. The Scholarship Fund currently has an endowment of over $3.5M and annually disperses over $200K of scholarships. The financial management highlights include the following:

  • An investment committee who monitors the performance of the independent investment advisors retained by The Scholarship Fund and gives regular updates and recommendations to the board on endowment investment matters.

  • Annual IRS 990 filing:

  • 990 filings for 2013 through the present may accessed on GuideStar.

  • 990 filing for 2010-2012 were included as part of Scholarship America's group filings.

  • 990 filings for the years 1998-2009 may be accessed on GuideStar.

  • The Scholarship Fund accounts are audited annually. Audited financials and commentary are available here.

The Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees maintains a policy of full disclosure of our financial condition and all of the organization's financial operations. Inquiries are encouraged and may be sent to or by sending a letter to the address below.