THE Bobby gray 

Bobby Gray was a constant presence at Concord High School (CHS) and Concord-Carlisle Regional High School (CCHS) sports teams' games from the time of his graduation from CHS in 1957. His passion for the high school athletic teams manifested itself in many ways:

             • His attendance at most games of significance, regardless of the venue.

            • His “Rain Man-like” ability to recall the minutest piece of CHS/CCHS minutiae.

            • His ode to Bernie Megin, legendary Football Coach at CCHS, entitled "Concord High School Football 1946-1952: A Success Story" (Copyright 1988).

            • The countless people he touched by his care, concern, and interest.

The Friends of Concord-Carlisle Football, Inc., included the following testimonial in their 2005 program booklet:

"Bobby Gray was not only the biggest fan of CCHS sports, but he was also an active and involved member of our organization. Bobby attended almost every Board of Directors meeting since 1997. He was there to make sure that the "kids always came first" in everything we did. He was our guiding light. Bobby spoke fondly of his high school playing days and he wanted to do what he could to see that today's young athletes had similar or better experiences. Thank you, Bobby, for being there to guide us. We will miss you more than words can express."