Jiro (Jiggs) Ishihara of Concord established a Named Fund in honor of his wife. Tama, who died April 25, 2005, who was a valued member of The Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees from 1991 to 2000 and continued her work as a Scholarship Fund volunteer until her passing. In 1988 Jiggs and Tama established two Named Funds in honor of their parents, Seitaro & Shina Ishihara and Tameji & Chiyo Yoshimura, who, along with all persons of Japanese ancestry, were interned by the U.S. Government. Each award is accompanied by a message that reminds students of this unfortunate action and conveys the hope that it shall never be repeated. (See The Seitaro and Shina Ishihara Fund and Tameji and Chiyo Yoshimura Fund descriptions above)

The photo of Tama is shown preparing a mailing during the March, 2005, The Scholarship Fund/CCHS National Honor Society annual phonathon, and the photo of Jiggs was taken at the 2012 annual Named Scholarship brunch thanking the benefactors and honorees of Named Funds.