THE Maureen Wesinger-lewis

Pioneer, Mentor, Leader—these are just a few roles that Lt. Maureen Wesinger-Lewis, Commander of the Massachusetts State Police Mounted Unit of the Massachusetts State Police, readily embraced throughout her life’s journey. A lifelong Concordian, Maureen was born into a law enforcement family with her parents, Ralph and Kathleen, serving in both the Concord Police Department and town service roles. A member of Concord-Carlisle High School’s class of 1981, Lt. Wesinger-Lewis graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Worcester State University in 1985, completed her training with the Massachusetts State Police Academy in 1988 (where of 38 new troopers, there were only nine women), and in 1990, received her M.S. from Anna Maria College. She then again broke the traditional gender barriers (and wove in her love of animals) by serving as an explosive detection K-9 handler at Logan Airport, as a Sergeant with the Narcotics Inspection Unit, and ultimately, as the first female Commander for the Mounted Unit. Of note, the unit was on the verge of being disbanded until Maureen completely revamped training procedures and actively enhanced the Unit’s visibility throughout the State. Maureen also was instrumental in building a highly successful internship program for youth aspiring for careers in law enforcement and security.

Despite the dangers and unexpected daily demands of her profession, Maureen consistently managed to maintain an enviable work-life balance. An accomplished dressage rider, Maureen was a licensed equine instructor and trainer. For over a decade, she was a beloved and gifted member of an advanced pottery group at the Umbrella Community Arts Center. She coached for Concord Youth Softball, was a popular Girl Scout troop leader, and loved to play golf, especially in Myrtle Beach, SC, her lifelong “happy place.” Both Maureen and her husband, Lt. William “Bill” K. Lewis Jr., M.S.P. (Ret.), were regular fixtures on the field hockey and softball fields of CCHS where they cheered on their daughter, Caitlyn, who like her mother, is a gifted athlete.

The loss of Maureen in June 2018 surprised many. Maureen fought a valiant three year battle with cancer; those who knew and loved her strongly believed that if anybody could beat the rare disease, it was “tough as nails” Maureen. But for those in her various circles, it is important that Maureen not be defined by her fight against her illness, but rather, how she lived her life. In the days before she died, Maureen was studying for the MA State Police lieutenant’ s exam—in the 2019 Promotional Ceremony, Bill and Caitlin accepted Maureen’s lieutenant’s badge to a standing ovation. This was one of many honors that Maureen received posthumously, however, without question, it was the one she wanted the most. There is no doubt that Maureen would have moved even higher in the ranks.

The Maureen Wesinger-Lewis Memorial Scholarship Fund therefore has been established as a testimonial to Maureen’s fighting spirit and her constant quest to better herself through educational and professional endeavors. Maureen’s scholarship is targeted for graduating seniors who are striving for careers in criminal/social justice, sociology, military or public service, or veterinary medicine. These focus areas embody Maureen’s commitment to protecting and serving the community, and standing up for those whose needs are not always addressed. The recipients of Maureen’s fund will have exhibited a consistent willingness to roll up their sleeves and take on the most difficult of challenges; have a record of “pushing the limits” to better themselves educationally and personally, and have a demonstrable drive to make the world a better and safer place.